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Champagne Sunday is a lifestyle blog - a creative outlet to share the things I love: style, decor, travel, champagne, gardening and everything French. I'm a renaissance woman, a wanderlust, a nerd, a writer, a photographer, a designer, and dreamer.

I love sharing a little slice of my family life. These days, I post mostly style and decor tips because that's all I have time for. This is not just a fashion blog, or a mommy blog (too busy mommying to talk about it), just a place for me to celebrate beautiful things, precious moments, and champagne on Sundays. Cheers!

about MOI

I  have been a software engineer, fashion designer, financial advisor, entrepreneur - everything but a candle-stick maker. Oh wait, I did that too.

I'm a city girl at heart, raised in the burbs and now moved back to the burbs. Over the past decade(s), I have lived a nomadic life and have bounced between Boston, LA, NYC, Miami, Atlanta,  Bay area and Minneapolis.

Cheers and thanks for visiting my little corner of the world. Leave a comment or say hello below!



  1. Hey! I found your blog via the Glamourai and I noticed that you have been inspired lately by Russian Dolls! so have I! I just did a whole series of paintings with a very Russian feel. I live in Australia, but was home in Canada visiting family and got very inspired by the cold weather and pastel colours of winter. I thought you might enjoy checking them out. www.carmeldebreuil.com
    I hope you get to move to France or Italy soon! Minneapolis is so cold! lol xoc

    1. Carmel - your illustrations are wonderful - thanks for sharing!


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